Overview of ACO Support Services

South Texas Health System’s sponsorship allows participating ACO facilities to have access to the following resources:

  • Facility level training support from our Practice Transformation Specialists to aid in your facilities onboarding to the ACO.
    • Practice Transformation Specialist will assist with the transformation of inpatient and outpatient workflows.
  • Care Coordination support from our Transitional Care Nurses and CareCertainty Messaging system will help to improve facility to facility and provider to patient communication.
  • Analytics and Reporting support to assist with annual GPRO submission, processing, blending, and understanding of how to make CMS supplied claims data actionable.
  • The ACO will also be providing ACO related IT Infrastructure and Marketing Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When operating successfully, an ACO will promote an enhancement of primary care services, especially for complex and high-risk patients.


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We invite patients and providers to contact the ACO for additional information about resources, membership and more.

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