There is no cost to participate. All development, coordination and operational costs are funded by the ACO sponsor. Imperium Health will fund the cost of the ACO Director of Operations, practice transformation specialists and transitional care nurses. Many ACO participants elect to add care coordination and/or population health resources to assist in efforts to identify and engage high-opportunity patients, capture and report on quality measures, etc., while other practices are able to integrate these functions using existing resources.

CMS assigns patients to the ACO based on the plurality of primary care services provided over the last three years. Generally speaking, your practice will be assigned the patients for whom your practice has provided the majority of primary care services.

When operating successfully, an ACO will promote an enhancement of primary care services, especially for complex and high-risk patients. These enhanced services include annual wellness visits, transitional care coordination visits, chronic care coordination and advance care directives, each of which is reimbursable, resulting in a increase in fee-for-service revenue for participating practices.

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